Monday, May 20, 2013

Boy things move fast!

We had our pre-construction meeting about 2 1/2 weeks ago and I came armed with my list of questions, thanks to all of the blogging community!  Nothing too crazy, mostly just basic questions that I wanted to double check on.  I think my biggest disappointment is that they do not install a back-up system on the sump pump.  Having come from a house that had quite a few water issues in the basement because of that very issue, we were not that happy.  However, it is something that can easily be added after the fact, so I guess it's not that big of an issue.  During this meeting we did add a few more electrical outlets, but pretty much everything else was correct and went smoothly.  They informed us that we were to begin construction the week of May 13th, woo hoo!!!!

Fast forward a week or so and I had driven by the lot to see that they had indeed begin digging!  This picture was from Tuesday, the 14th.

I got a call on Thursday from our SR and PM just to update us on the progress.  Turns out that they had actually started the digging at the end of the previous week.  The foundation was in and they were pouring our concrete that day and the plumbing groundwork would be going in the following week.  We drove by on Sunday with the kids and saw all of the progress.

I met my first neighbor via the blog too!  Turns out that they are the lot right next door to us!  We're probably about 2 weeks or so behind them, so it's nice to see how their progress is going as well.  When I drove by on Tuesday it didn't look like they had any of the framing above ground done, but by Sunday it was totally up!  Boy do they move fast!


  1. Hi Amber!! This is very exciting!! I can't wait to see your Elevation E RISE UP! What elevation is your next door building and blog site? We met three of our neighbors via the blog too!!

    Get your camera ready and try to be there as much as you can during the framing! This is one if my favorite phases of the build. The pictures during this stage are priceless!!

    1. Our one neighbor who is almost finished is building a Rome as well, Elevation L. The other one that I met on here is building a Palermo, I believe. Not sure if she has a blog or not...she found me :-)

      I am sure I will be up there again this week. I hope to make it up at least once a week.

  2. Things are coming along! Can't wait to see the progress - we are E elevation too. :)

  3. Looks awesome! We can't have a basement in our Rome where we live because of the water level. Good luck with the process! They are starting the electical work in our house soon and we have our pre-drywall meeting next week :-)