Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Quick Update

Just a quick update...we got an email the other day that our lumber was delivered over the weekend and they are going to begin framing this week, woohoo!  Maybe now things will start to feel more real since the progress will be easier to see!

Also, I took a pic of a house in the neighborhood that has the same Elevation E.  The stone wasn't added yet when I took this pic and the dumpster is blocking some of the view, but you can get the general idea.

Hopefully next time I will have some more, exciting pictures!


  1. Hey there! We are building almost the same house! Rome elevation E, trying to decide last minute stone/siding options. Do you have any good pics of the sandy tan? That is one of our top choices! That is so exciting that you broke ground! ~ Mary

    1. Unfortunately, I don't really have any good pics of the siding colors :-( But if you google "ryan homes" and "sandy tan" some pics do come up that may be helpful.

  2. Awesome! Let the building begin! They move so fast you will be excited to see the changes week by week. We are closing next week and I swear the house went up so quickly!

  3. Honestly we have been SHOCKED how fast things move once that wood comes. You'll have a house in a matter of days! We went over there today at 1:30 and the roof shingles were in the yard. We took the kids by there around 7:00 and the roofers were there and the roof was almost complete. Unreal! We are building an E as well so feel free to take a look at our pics. :)

  4. Love that you are another Rome blogger. Can't wait to see the framing start.