Friday, June 14, 2013

Long Time, No Blog

I've come to realize that I'm really not good at keeping up with this blogging thing!  A lot of progress has been made since my last pictures even with all the rain we've been having here.  Most of the framing is complete and they have been trying to get our roof put on for the past few days and the rain keeps interrupting.  Hopefully our SR will be sending me an updated pic with a roof on today!  If not, we plan to stop by tomorrow morning.

Our pre-drywall meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday at 12:00pm.  It will be nice to actually walk into house and start to feel things coming together.

We met one of our neighbors last weekend who also built a Rome.  It was nice to finally see it in the reverse layout and with the Morning Room.  The model that we've seen here didn't have either of those and it was hard to picture.  Seeing their home just made us fall even more in love with ours!

Oh and we have a settlement date scheduled!!!  Provided there are no major delays we will be closing on our house on August 14th at 10:00am!!  I guess I can add one of those countdowns to my site now :-)

Here are a few pictures of the framing that were taken last Saturday

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