Monday, June 17, 2013

Pre-Drywall Meeting Tomorrow...

Our Pre-Drywall meeting/walk-through is tomorrow.  Anything I need to know, questions to ask, suggestions, etc??  Thanks!!!


  1. If your SR and PM are any good you should have almost nothing to ask. That being said double check all of you upgrades, colors, etc. A few major things were missing but we're taken care by the end of the meeting. They will go over the floor plan, options, time frame, expectations and more. It is the second most fun meeting after the flooring. After this your house will get started and then things take off. Check out my blog for more info on the pre construction meeting.

    1. Apparently my brain stopped when I commented on your post. I had just commented on another blog about pre construction meeting and somehow I switched the comments and posted wrong. We are behind you so I am hoping to get pre drywall ideas from you. Good luck.

  2. Establish the best way to communicate with your PM. Some are really open and willing to email or call with updates, and others require the skill of a bounty hunter to track them down. If you would like weekly updates, work that out at the meeting tomorrow. And find out the best way to communicate--phone, emails, texts, etc. Enjoy! It should be a really fun meeting!

  3. We are just getting started.... basement is dug and footers are in... so I had no advice for your pre-drywall meeting, but would love to hear how yours went and if you have any suggestions for those us when we get to that point....