Monday, July 15, 2013

Update w/ Pictures!

We went by the house on Sunday and took a bunch of pictures!  Last week they were working on the trim work and installing cabinets in the kitchen, wet bar and bathrooms.  It's really staring to come together :-)

Front windows in Living Room
Dining Room, Living Room and Front Door
Kiddos being hams :-)
Kitchen Cabinets
Morning Room
Stairs w/ hand rails
Basement Powder Room
Basement, looking towards the Morning Room extension
Stairs leading up from Basement
Wet Bar
Wet Bar
Kids Bathroom
Guest Bedroom (or the Mamow Room, haha)
Kids looking out the windows of the Loft/Playroom
Recessed Lighting in Loft
Laundry Room
Looking downstairs
Master Bath
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom Sitting Area and Closet 1
More pictures of the front, just because I love it so much!
Pillars on front porch
Backyard on Morning Room side
Backyard looking out from doors on Morning Room


  1. Awesome progress!! The front of your house is amazingly beautiful!!! Great choices!

  2. Love the front of your house! It's gorgeous!

  3. Amber, your house looks fabulous and coming along nicely. I see you have the Wet Bar set up like mines which makes a world of difference. Just a suggestion, since they are still in the dry wall stage, ask them to center your recess lights over the bar. From the pictures, they are not centered with the back portion of the wet bar. Did they put the rough in for the pendant lightening on the bar too? I could be wrong but the picture with the recess lights bear to the right instead of the middle.

    1. Nadase, yes your pictures were actually what we used to show our PM where we wanted the bar! Thank you for the suggestions, I will talk to our PM about that. Always nice to have another set of eyes look at things :-)

  4. Great pics! Your little kiddos are adorable!

  5. I can't wait to get to this point. I love seeing reverse Romes. You can really tell how excited the kids are in the pictures. You are so close.

  6. Hi, we created a FB group for current and future Rome owners.