Thursday, August 8, 2013

So Close!!!!

Less than one week until closing!  We had our final walk-through yesterday.  Took just about 2 hours as they go over every detail of the house.  And then we got to go through and "blue tape" anything we needed fixed before closing.  Really wasn't near as much as I thought it might be.  When we had gone through the house a week or so ago there were so many scuffs and scratches, but they must have taken care of 95% of that before yesterday.

Here are few pictures of the basically finished product!


  1. Looks great! LOVE that wet bar with the lights! We have the same appliances as you! Almost there!

  2. Looks fantanstic!! And how about that view from your morning room-looks like it goes on for miles and miles! Sweet!

  3. Congrats on being so close, we are two weeks from our walk through and I'm beyond excited.
    Everything looks wonderful.